Sunday, April 8, 2012

My name is Kathryn & I wear my nightie to Woolies

A few weeks ago I went to Adelaide to drop my Mother in law at the airport and we popped into Tea Tree Plaza on the way for me to grab a few things, one of the things on my list was a casual navy maternity dress, which I planned to team with navy leggings and navy ballet flats for an outfit that I could dress up or down.

After searching in many shops I was thrilled to find the perfect dress (pictured above) in Big W in their fabulous "Nine & Mine" matenity range.  If you are looking for maternity clothing, they're certainly worth looking at, they're affordable, comfortable & stylish too.

I couldn't wait to wear it and had the perfect place to wear it to that weekend - into Kadina to pick up my boys from Church as they'd had a sleep over the night before at my Mum & Dads.

I'm not going to lie to you, I felt pretty - the dress was so comfy, it sat on the right places and my Mum told me that I looked lovely.

I swanned around in Kadina feeling fabulous, the boys & I headed to Woolies to pick up fresh rolls & meat for lunch and we went to the playground where I sat loving life reading the paper. 

So imagine my horror when I came home & started sorting the weekly receipts and putting them into my expenses diary.  There it was in black and white on the Big W docket "Nine & Mine nightie".  Um what??? I didn't buy a nightie, just my dress and some stationery for the boys.  Didn't I??

I looked down at my lovely stripey dress and it hit me - it did look rather nightie-ish, with the horizontal strips & soft stretchy fabric.  It also hit me that I had paraded around town in my nightie - lucky there isn't a Big W in Kadina....

I have to confess that my "nightie" is still hanging in my wardrobe - I can't bring myself to put it in the bottom drawer with my owl & cupcake flannies, and also I have to confess that it had a second outing to Mum and Dads for tea Friday night (and another outing to Woolies when I ran in to grab the hot chickens...) But now after sharing my secret with you all I guess I'd better leave my nightie home in future... :(

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter!!


  1. I think it looks gorgeous on you Kathryn and I wouldn't have thought it looked like a nightie! Keep wearing it!!!! Belinda x x

  2. Thanks Belinda!! Perhaps I will take it as my 'good' round the house clothes for when we have visitors, hope you all had a lovely Easter? How are your gorgeous children, haven't seen you guys for so long, is Barnaby at school this term? xx