Sunday, April 15, 2012

Morning Out in Moonta

My Iced Coffee From Henry on George - YUM!!!
 We only live 15 minutes out of Moonta, but on a lovely day like today a morning out in Moonta feels like you are away on holidays.  No trip to Moonta is complete without visiting Henry on George for a coffee - I decided to have a splurge & have an Iced Coffee with cream instead of my usual cup of tea or latte & oh my it was sensational!! Tom & Max both had Iced Chocolate - that certainly kept them quite for 5 minutes!!!

Max enjoying his Iced Chocolate!
Tom loving his Iced Chocolate too

Some sweet Treats from Moonta Chocolates

 Our next port of call was Moonta Chocolates, Sweets & Treats.  Paradise for a Sweet Tooth let me tell you!! Their chocolate is homemade & delicious, I am very partial to the strawberries & cream truffles!

Gift to myself from "Make it a Home" in Moonta
Mum's Bday present from the absolutely Gorgeous Miners Couch
I finally used my gift voucher from my lovely friends Meg & Sharyn at the Miners Couch - a gorgeous little arrangement & an equally gorgeous scarf

Our last stop was the absolutely gorgeous shop - The Miners Couch.  I could spend all day in there, there are so many gorgeous things.  It was a quick visit today though as I had 2 'helpers'  not so easy to browse with Max on board!!!  I got a gorgeous little present to give Mum for her birthday tomorrow - her 'real present' will be a photobook from Mango Ink which we will organise after her party.

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather!!


  1. Oh wow, I go to Moonta every year for a family holiday and LOVE Henry on George!!I must definitely check out The Miners Couch- sounds interesting!


  2. Hi Samara! I love having a day out in Moonta :) So many gorgeous shops - The Miners Couch is definitely my favourite (they have a facebook fanpage too if you want to check them out) I also love the little kitchen shop and their op shops - so many fabulous vintage finds in them!!

  3. Thanks, I have 'liked' them and can't wait for our holiday to check them out. We always seem to just get stuck in the second hand store so it will be lovely to have something else to check out :-)