Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 - Where have you gone?

Wow, can you believe how quickly 2012 has gone? I certainly can't.  This time last year I was suffering from 'all day sickness' while trying to get organised for Christmas - this year we have a gorgeous, almost 6 month old baby!! Time goes way too fast and he is growing so quickly.
He really is a lovely baby & a joy to have in the house! He has recently started rolling over & now gets himself up onto his knees like he wants to crawl :( So sad I want him to stay a baby just a little longer! 

Tom and Max have grown up so much lately too & I am finding it hard to believe that at the end of next month I will have a Year 2 & a Year 1 in the house.  

Alec has been such a good baby that it's allowed me to keep up with Pink Apple & I have so many things to share with you - lots of new stock as well as a lot of old favourites coming back!

Top Row - Button clips & elastics, small yoyos & bird clips 
Bottom - Large yoyo brooch/clip, boutique bow & crochet flower

 Gifts:  Best Seller at Christmas time - jar of beads (not suitable for under 3) gorgeous handmade bunnies custom made for Pink Apple by a lovely lady in my local area, Pink Apple best seller box of ribbon
 One of my favourite products to make - the Just Because birds. For that special person who you want to give a little gift 'just because' Shop now:
I am absolutely loving the gorgeous Summer colours that are around at the moment and have something to suit every outfit! A plain white t can take on many different looks just by changing your necklace.  My Summer staples are denim shorts (fave at the moment from Target - they're a dark, light weight denim with a navy bow at the front and cuff.  love them. ) and a white top.  I change my sandals & necklace & I have a new outfit!