Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Thermo Wars

I read a lot of blogs by Mums and articles that I see posted on facebook, some make me laugh, some make me smile and some make me cringe.  It's not always the article that stirs up the most emotions, for me it is the comments! 
I am astounded at what I read somedays - particularly when grown women - usually grown women STRANGERS - feel they have to right to write rude, offensive and sometimes silly comments. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for free speech and having the right to have your own opinion, I feel blessed most days that I live in Australia and that I can freely share my opinion on politics, religion, education - without fearing my life or landing in jail - there are women in other countries that aren't that lucky. 
This blig post isn't about conflicting opinions on politics, religion or education though.  This blog post is about conflicting opinions on, wait for it - a kitchen appliance.  
Yes, you read right - grown women are arguing, teasing, scoffing and belittling with other grown women about a kitchen appliance - not just any kitchen appliance, a Thermomix, as pictured below.


I have a thermomix, I've had it for almost 2 years and I love it.  I use it most days - usually multiple times a day (but it probably doesn't win the title of most used appliance in our house - I have 3 boys, I think the kettle still takes that title ) I'm not defending my reasons to buy one, and I'm not trying to convert non-owners - but I am sharing with you my journey from someone who can be quoted as saying "OMG why would I spend $2000 on a BLENDER!! That costs more than my FRIDGE!!" Yes that was me that said that, more than once, yet two years later here I am. 
I don't care what appliances you have in your kitchen, I don't care what sort of car you drive, I don't care what you wear. I like people for their personality - not for their possessions.  I won't judge you if you don't have a thermomix, so don't judge me for having one. 
Two years ago, I started noticing the links between certain foods and my kids behaviour issues - some food sent them crazy so it led me in to researching & reading information about additive free eating  slowly changing our diets so that we cut out artifical flavours, colours, enhancers etc. It was HARD! I was spending hours in the kitchen preparing things in the kitchen - now don't get me wrong - I LOVE cooking and I had always made cakes & biscuits from scratch for the boys, but now things had changed - I had cut out about 90% of what I used to buy for school lunchboxes (plain chips & plain crackers were pretty much the only things I was still buying at that stage) so now I was making bars, custards, yoghurts, jellies, bread & muffins from scratch too and even though I love cooking, like I said , I have 3 boys, so there is other washing & cleaning that needs to be done, as well as homework, tea, sports practice - 4 hours in the kitchen per day baking just isn't realistic - even for a stay at home Mum. 
Thermomix kept popping up over & over again in different facebook groups - so I started doing my research online. (Feeling a little silly because of my previous 'waste of money' comments).  Admittedly I actually started my inital research looking in to cheaper versions but after reading A LOT I decided that thermomix was going to offer me the best value & be more reliable.  (This is just my opinion by the way - other people might prefer their own thermal cooker - there are a lot out there!)  So, feeling a little sheepish, I got in touch with a friend who was a thermo consultant - feeling sheepish because she had once witnessed my 'It's a waste of money' comment. My demo was booked but I'd  we'd already decided before the demo that we were buying it before the demo. 
I have to admit I could take or leave the demo, it's nice to have friends over and it is nice to have all of the delicious food cooked for you (I LOVE the garlic and herb dip) but I don't really cook a lot of the things that they make during the demo and I (personally) feel that demos could be personalised a little more depending on what the person is looking for - some people aren't interested in risotto & sorbet.  If I did a demo I'd show people how to make their own water crackers (so many flavour variations using fresh or dried vegetables & herbs) to go with the fabbo dip we'd make, I'd make cordial to go with our SodaStream soda water & lemon slices, I'd make bread (2 varieties, flat bread and sour dough) I'd make soup to serve with the bread and a mince concoction which is a fave in our house - it's a little bit taco mince, a little bit pasta sauce - YUM - to serve with the flat bread. We'd make ricotta pancakes for dessert which we would serve with berries and yoghurt.  We'd make some bliss balls as well pesto and lemon butter using spinach, basil and lemons from my garden for everyone to take home. So you'd better skip morning tea that day as there will be lots to eat!
All jokes aside,my thermo has made additive free living so much easier (along with some great Australian books/websites such as Fed Up, Additive Free Pantry and Cut out the Crap).
If you come to my house your food may have been prepared in the thermo but *GASP* I still use my slow cooker, stick mixer, stove and oven (heck I even make things with a wooden spoon and a bowl) - I don't like how my thermo grates cheese so I still grate cheese by hand using my 20 year old grater that I claimed when I moved out of home!! 
I do love my thermomix and I make so many things in it (Icecream, dip, cordial, crackers, bolognaise sauce, pasta, bechamel sauce, gravies, yoghurt, custard, breads & flatbreads, soups, stock, lemon butter, pesto, pavlova, cake, biscuits, sushi, the list goes on) and my friends all know that anytime they want to make something or see how it works they are welcome to come over and test it out, they also know I am still Kathryn - not some weirdo that has developed a new personality because of an appliance!


I think it's time for sisters to stick together - to not fight on social media, to respect other peoples opinion, even if it is different to yours & TO NOT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IN THEIR KITCHEN!! Be the type of person that your child can look up to, be kind, compassionate, understading and don't judge others for what they have or don't have. 
If we all worried more about ourselves, and learnt to be grateful for what we have rather than get in a tizz about what others have I am sure the world would be a better place! 


Kathryn xx

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