Monday, December 9, 2013

Local Christmas shopping guide

Every Christmas I try to do as much of my shopping as I can in small businesses in my local area, what I can't get locally I buy online from other small South Australian businesses.  This year I have picked up some amazing things and I can't wait to share them with my family on Christmas Day!

These are some of the fabulous businesses I have purchased from and their details.  Some are no longer taking custom orders but keep them in mind for future reference :) 

Mango Ink

Purdie has some amazing things, Mango Art, Mango MOO jewellery as well as custom prints!


LillyMOO Makings - one of my absolute favourite SA businesses.  Kirstyn has something for everyone from children to adults.  I love her style and I love the way she puts things together.  Truly a stand out in the handmade jewellery industry! 

Find them on facebook 'LillyMOO Makings'

Geraldton Hill Toffee

If you haven't tried Geraldton Hill Toffee yet, you don't know what you are missing! I've had to leave my order until the week before Christmas pick up because if it's in the house it'll get eaten!! Lynn does such an amazing job it looks great and tastes great!

Belly Bottom

Absolutely love Belly Bottom and I have bought some bloomers which are the perfect thing to put with a Pink Apple headband and singlet for a baby gift!

Something super cute from KooKoo Kidz for the newest member of out extended family (a girl !!! It is a change buying pink and purple ;) ) You will always find something unique from Katie-Lee!

Over the Fence Beauty

I am absolutely in love with Over the Fence Beauty candles! Especially French Pear and Coconut & Lime.  I bought some candles to give my sisters and sister inlaw earlier in the year but they were so delicious that I used them and had to buy more!

4 Little Babushkas. 

I always love Sarahs hair accessories for something different to what I make and I bought the perfect one to match a dress that I am giving a baby girl in our family for Christmas!

Find them on facebook '4 Little Babushkas'

So many beautiful photos to choose from to give our family of our wedding. Love Black Sheep Photography!

Some necklaces custom made by me!

And just in case Brett has to work and can't get to the shops I've bought myself something from Fable Co for the boys to give me

I absolutely love their stuff - so many gorgeous things! 

find them on facebook 'Fable Co' or email

If you are looking for some great stocking fillers, check out your local Newsagency and Post Office - they have some great books and gifts for the whole family! 

I can't wait for Christmas - I absolutely love it! 

Kathryn xx

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