Monday, March 11, 2013

Bundaleer Festival 2013 (March 22-24)

January's bushfire came close, but did not affect any of the areas in the Bundaleer Forest that will be alive with music of the world during the Bundaleer Festival March 22-24.

We love the Bundaleer Festival. My family and I have attended every one since they began in 1999, and we wouldn't miss it. We love that we can camp in the Bundaleer Forest, right where the action is, yet still feel like we are having a secluded holiday in the country.

We can take our kids to all the concerts and performances and they can experience music they would never hear otherwise, all in a glorious bush setting, where you don't have to keep them quiet!

We love that their grandparents come along too, and that we all enjoy it together. We bring our friends and they can't believe a place like this exists; that an event like this exists, and that the world doesn't seem to know about it!

As you can see from the pictures over the years, sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's cool, but when the sun sinks and the twilight concert begins, it always feels magical.

Sunday's Bundaleer Hollow has a focus on the kids, which they particularly enjoy. And to see my stage-nervous son called up to participate in the show, and him loving it, – well that, as they say, is priceless!

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