Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Apple is going eco-friendly!!

There are many changes coming to Pink Apple, some you have seen already & some are taking shape behind the scenes to be released soon!
I am very excited about the New products coming to Pink Apple and the direction that Pink Apple is heading. 

I have done a lot of soul searching in the past couple of years and 2012 has been a year of growth {not just business wise either - I seem to have 'grown' a little too in the recent months ;) }.
2010 was a crazy year which I promised to never repeat, not only to myself but to my family.  I had markets on every second weekend, I was on my sons kindy fundraising committee, I captained a team in the local Relay for Life & I kept on adding to my growing stockist list.  It seemed like I never had a spare minute to myself let alone time to see my friends! I always found myself saying.
I swore 2011 would be different then I decided to take on the role of Weight Watchers leader for an exisiting meeting + open a new meeting.  All the while trying to get organsied for the Pasky Field Days, by far the busiest event I attend! Things calmed down toward the end of the year when we found out that we were expecting our 3rd baby :) 
I have learnt a lot since starting my business as K - Lou Jewels IN 1997. Fast forward 15 years there have been many product changes & 2 changes of business name!! 
THEN -  Some of my earlier products!

NOW - I've learnt so many new techniques over the years :)

There will be many more eco-friendly products coming to Pink Apple for Spring/Summer 2012/2013 - in our house we try to stick to the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" so it seemed like a natural progression to take this over in to Pink Apple! 

Eco - Friendly Shopping Basket - so many uses, $29.95 + postage 

These are just 2 of the new eco-friendly products coming to Pink Apple, I have a gorgeous collection of organic & recycled materials here just waing to be made into hair accessories & jewellery! 

Kathryn xx

Wow! So much has happened in the Loveridge household since my last blog post.  
We've moved house, (moving while 7 months pregnant, not ideal!!), celebrated my Mum's 70th Birthday and welcomed out 3rd baby boy into our family. 
 The family at Mums party - Brett, me (pregnant with Alec), Annabel, Harry, Verity, David, Judith, Charlotte, Mike
Front - Max, Dad, Mum, Henry

We are so lucky to have moved into the family home on Brett's farm (how lucky are his Mum & Dad though - they've moved to the beach!!) and we all love it here.  We have emus, sheep, cows and bees.  The ducks are still on the to do list, I plan to buy 5 white indian runners and I will name them Hermione, Clementine, Gertrude, Harriet and Philomena.   They aren't names we had picked out if our boys had of been girls, they are just names I think would be suited to my 5 ducks :)
I've just planted our vegie patch - love it - and they are starting to look fabulous - I can't wait to see what our vegetable Harvest is like come Summer!  

 Now onto our little man.  Well he is gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, I could go on all day!! I worried when I was pregnant that I wouldn't remember what to do with a baby but he's just slipped into the fanily like it was meant to be! We all love him & the poor little man hardly gets a moments peace.  Everyone is obsessed with him & everone fights over him, from Tom & Max to my sister Judith & niece Charlotte even my Mum & Dad, from the minute Alec enters the room they all want him!! 
Here he is in a gorgeous pic Anna Nelson took for me a month or 2 ago x

I hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather Mother Nature is throwing our way! 

Kathryn xx